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Market Cap


Launch Date

02 September, 2021


Create a world-class token combining 3 of the most attractive elements of the crypto space;

Rewards, eSports, NFT.

At BabyGamerZ, we believe in equal opportunity for anyone, anywhere. BabyGamerZ aims to

provide anybody in the world with an opportunity to monetize what they love doing; gaming.

Wouldn’t you like to make money while playing your favourite game? That’s what we are here

for. We are creating a fully self-sustaining ecosystem that rewards gamers and content

creators like yourselves for anything they do on the BabyGamerZ platform.

BabyGamerZ offers gamers a chance to monetise their passion for gaming, turning their

dreams to reality. BabyGamerZ is stored in user wallets & fully integrated into the

BabyGamerZ platform, enabling the user to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT

whenever they need. This is enables gamers to realise their dream of making a living by


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