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Ethereum Smart Chain



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20 August, 2021


Minty Network 🍃 The fresh new platform to MINT NFTs and Swap Tokens 🤩 MintySwap is a licensed cross-chain aggregation protocol. We are assembling a community of creators and supporters who want to establish and grow an innovative economy via the Blockchain. Create connections. Become allies. Get involved in the massive creative movement on MintySwap! A next level NFT community 👾 We aim to provide consumers access to cryptocurrency-based financial services, allowing them to exchange, or ‘swap’, various digital assets. We facilitate cross-chain Dex between ETH and BNB and cross-chain swaps to conduct exchange settlements beyond the limitations of a typical isolated Blockchain network! ❇️ Cross chain Dex between eth and bsc! ❇️ NFT marketplace for Minty Creators and Minty Collectors ❇️ 2M raised in 24 hours in private sell only 10% of supply. NO WHALES ❇️ WHALE PROOF 🐳 ❇️ DEFLATIONARY TOKEN ❇️ DOXED DEV TEAM ❇️ 4M ALREADY RAISED FOR PRE-SALE!
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