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16 August, 2021


BNBOOM proposes an innovative feature in its contract, BNB dividends to be paid with low buying tax! With the auto-claim feature, simply hold $BNBOOM and you’ll receive BNB automatically in your wallet. LAUNCH DAY - AUGUST 16TH 3 PM UNIVERSAL TIME (UTC) -Max buy on launch is 25 million tokens per buy -Max hold is 200 million tokens (2% of supply) -Our Anti-Bot is set to 5 Minutes, if you sell within that 5 minute period there is a 1.5x on the sell tax -Buy Tax is 8%, for launching go higher, eventually it should settle around 11-12% -Sell tax is 18.8% -Heavier marketing will start once the wallet builds up, please don't continually ask wenmarketing, as soon as we deploy any marketing you guys will be the first to know -Initial Liquidity will be locked as soon as it's added -Auto LP will be locked for 99 years, No rugs here, only blankets, carpets and moons -Team Wallet to be locked for 48h
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