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Binance Smart Chain



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16 July, 2021


Little Angry Bunny v2 is committed to providing a decentralized transaction network under Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) with a maximum circulating supply of 10 septillions. There is no main owner of the LAB token. It is purely in favor of all the admins, moderators, and the community's wise decision-making. BURN RATE 4% rate per transaction is discharged which eventually goes to burn wallet REWARDS 7% reward per transaction is given to all strong holders to punish paper hands. Anti whale mechanics with a max buy and sell limit to 2 sextillion INITIAL BURN 80% of the total supply.
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Crypto Addict

2 years before ago



Crypto Addict

2 years before ago

We need to change our telegram group details. Our new telegram group link is - https://t.me/littleangrybunnyv2labv2global our page is https://gemfinder.cc/gem/2499 Please update it soon. Thank you. From - Little Angry Bunny v2 Community

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