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06 August, 2021


Dogs United is a wholly community driven meme coin. However we are not a meme coin without utility. We will be the first meme coin focused on a developmental plan for geocaching NFT’s through partnerships built within our community. The project is fully decentralised so all decisions are made by the community as so dogs united will also be the governance token for our voting system, as a holder you will be involved in all voting and decisions and of course, the growth of our coin. Our team consists of the founders, marketing team, a leading developer and most importantly you, the community. Dogs united was born from the love of meme coins and hatred towards scam projects bringing shade to not just the whole BSC coin community but cryptocurrency as a whole. We have spent countless hours getting caught in ‘rug-pulls’ and ‘honeypots’ so a collaboration was born. We have been doing our due diligence on numerous projects and found the opportunity of 50x-100x had been diminished because of a ‘rug pull’ in certain cases we thought we got into an amazing project with potential for growth only for it to be pulled from underneath us. From this $DUT was born and we began working on a vision to eradicate ‘rug pull’ and ‘honeypot’ projects and give meme coin lovers a safe place to invest in a project with the ability of 50/100x. After which comes phase 2. The sanctuary. #protecttherugged
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