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07 August, 2021


🐕MiniDogeBurger 💵 Launching soon! 8% $Burger Reflection to all holders! Missed out on MiniDoge? Check out MiniDogeBurger! An even more powerful MiniDoge that rewards you extremely high $Burger rewards in the crypto space. Next 1000x? You bet! MiniDogeBurger is going to blast into space with his $Burger-fueled rocket and there's no stopping him, no matter how small he is! Get ready for the ultimate lift-off! We have huge targets, huge marketing budgets and we are expecting a huge community of past MiniDoge holders to ape into the latest MiniDoge family, MiniDogeBurger! This huge rewarding token with a charity use case is going to empower stray dog organizations across the globe. This is the new MiniDoge in BSC. We have already shortlisted a number of stray animal organizations for us to provide our funds to. This will be the early use case and function of the token. However, we will always let our community decide what our next use case shall be. ✅ The Tokenomics Total Supply - 1000,000,000,000 Pancake Swap Liquidity - 60% Burn - 20% (Burnt) Dev Wallet - 5% Marketing Wallet - 5% ( CMC, Coingecko, Daily CMS... ) Influencer Wallet - 10% ( Youtubers + TikTokers...) ✅Let’s all Moon today with MiniDogeBurger. 💲 8% $Burger Reflections - Automatic 🗣 5% marketing 🚰 2% added to Liquidity 24 hours active voice chat, excellent marketing strategies including Twitter, Instagram & Youtube. Website and Poocoin banners are under development and will be shared after launch. Don’t miss out on the stealth launch!
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