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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

14 August, 2021


DARETUBE THE FIRST CRYPTO SOCIAL PLATFORM , YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND WATCH VIDEOS OR YOU CAN BE A PLAYER AND EARN CASH Our APP is ready and will be fully functional before presale , when you enter the app of daretube , you choose one of 2 given options which will be : 1.Player 2.Watcher If you choose to be a player you will have to do dares at least 1 per week , (you can cancel it whenever you want ) , what will you benefit from this !? Everyone that chooses to be a player will benefit BNB from the funds raised by the watchers , when you do the dare you have to document it with a video .The video will be uploaded on the players website and only players can access it , if watchers want to see the videos they will have to pay to gain access to the videos , this raised funds will be divided for the players .
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