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11 August, 2021


πŸ₯– Bakery Doge The BIGGEST $CAKE reflecting token in the BSC. As you get in the Bakery Doge, you are attracted by the hot smell of the pastries then, you start to notice the HUGE amounts of $CAKE behind the showcases. How much $CAKE will you get by holding $BKD ? 7% ? No. What ? Maybe 14% ? Not even close. By holding BKD you can get up to 45% $CAKE rewards ! 🍰 Tokenomics 🟒 Buy fees: – 15% $CAKE rewards to holders – 1% goes to the marketing wallet πŸ”΄ Sell fees: – 45% $CAKE rewards to holders – 3% goes to the marketing wallet Diamond πŸ’Ž hands will be rewarded. Let’s summarize it, the longest you hold your Bakery Doge, the longest and the more you earn $CAKE. πŸ’  Key information – We will run a middle size presale (probably between 400 and 800, not decided atm) on 11th August at 6PM UTC. You can find the countdown on our website. – A small private sale will be held to get fund for the prelaunch marketing. I think we will pick like 15 or 20 winners through an EASY (we don’t want you to have like 15 tasks to do) sweepwidget contest. 🌐 Medias Website: https://bakerydoge.finance/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BakeryDogeBSC Telegram: https://t.me/BakeryDogeBSC
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