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06 August, 2021


WHAT IS PLZMA TOKEN ? PLZMA is a unique deflationary token. Unlike other common tokens, PLZMA TOKEN burns on the transfer, the burns are random between 1-10% for each transaction. Additional tax of 2% goes into funding blood transfusion donations. FOR HEALTHCARE We have partnered with some of the most important foundations and healthcare organizations throughout the USA to provide them with a constant flow to donations and human capital. Reserves throughout COVID reached critically low levels and are just now beginning to replenish. With enough volume, PLZMA aims to donate 1,000,000 pints of critically needed blood using our platform by the end of 2021. REFLECTING ON COVID-19 COVID-19 has shed light on some major inefficiencies and bottlenecks in our healthcare system and its supply chain. Access to blood and it’s plasma is crucial to the survival of many patients. Our goal is to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of our healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients by funding community outreach programs and blood banks. We will not be able to forget the pandemic, but we can drive change to a better future together and make sure we are more prepared than ever before. What problem is PLZMA trying to solve? There is a substantial problem with an ongoing shortage of plasma and platelets throughout the world. Meanwhile, only 3% of age-eligible people donate blood every year. We are incentivizing donation through various means to help bolster that supply and address the life-threatening issue head-on. What are the tokenomics of PLZMA? There is a burn of token supply activated on every purchase which ranges randomly between 1-10% which will provide positive upward pressure throughout the entire life of the project. There is also a 2% transaction tax which all goes to the blood transfusion donation wallet, to be donated at periods and to charities determined by the community and developers together. Why is a token needed? Incentives start at an initial point of compensation, but building a token-based ecosystem ensures a sustainable and expandable network to provide continued engagement and eventually positive competition in the lines of blood and plasma supply and donation. We want to build a parallel vested interest between saving lives and crypto market participation.
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