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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

26 July, 2021


Valto coin. More than just a meme! Valto plans to be more than a meme-coin, with a listing site for tokens – which will act as a business it would be wrong for them to be called a meme-coin. The listing site will allow Valto to constantly gain exposure and hype, as more tokens gravitate towards it and another perk will be that half the revenue generated from the listing site will be used to buy Valto Coins and burn them. This will increase the price of the token at no risk, whilst creating a constant source of volume and liquidity that can not harm the holders. As you can tell they are a long term project that is looking to create a sustainable means to move forward, they will be aided by the Tokenomics of the token along the journey. Tokenomics: ▪︎ 3% Manual buy-back ▪︎ 2% LP Fee ▪︎ 6% Marketing Fee ▪︎3% Development Fee
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