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Market Cap


Launch Date

01 September, 2023


Good day. What we need investment for - we need to employ developers and programmers to upgrade our shop and . Our goal is to build digital asset market place a la Google Play or Amazon (our screenlocks and wallpapers are available on Amazon, or ). Also we want to make mining of PUSSE more attractive, . We have made payments to early PUSSE miners. And most important - we want to list PUSSE on top crypto exchange. Can you imagine if Elon Musk will make a tweet about PUSSE/DOGE tradeable pair?

Right now we offer 7% of PUSSE available for minimum 5 million USD. It makes market cap for PUSSE ca. 72 million USD. Our desired listing price is 2400 PUSSE/USD or 0.0004 USD/PUSSE representing market cap of 400 million USD

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