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Binance Smart Chain



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01 August, 2021


Social Media Swap introduction: Our Plan Is To Make SMS The Cryptocurrency Of Modern E-Commerce Platforms, SMS is a Fly token built on Binance Smart Chain – BSC Why SMS? The hospitality and gaming industry are growing by the hour, and SMS aims to be their cryptocurrency. All players within the scope of this industry will be able to process all their payments via SMS. What is the short-term plan for SMS? Our goal is to create a unified cryptocurrency for the hospitality and gaming industry. Add to that, bookings of flights, hotels, restaurants and real estate, which all orbit in the same universe will be more harmonic with their payment methods. What is the long-term plan for SMS? We aim to integrate SMS with e-commerce platforms, especially those who start using SMS for their goods or services as a potential currency. We will also build FREE of charge e-commerce platforms to any client who uses SMS. This will help everyone increase their revenues, and in turn increase the value of Social Media Token in the process.
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