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15 August, 2021


LUTO is a BEP20 based token, minted to use the token within the LUTO network platform where people can play lotto games and win cash rewards. Considering the investor point of view, we decided to launch our product/platform first and then for the token sale rounds to make sure, our investors will know what kind of product the DEV team can build. For LUTO tokens, we have been working on the structure and we have the best tokenomics which you can compare with any token. Token Features: # No DEV/Team Wallet # No Shitty /Fake Wallet Distribution # Pre-Audited Contract before Pre-Sale # Anti Whale Distribution # Team KYC Verified By Launchpad # Fair Distribution by Launchpad # Token Sale Managed by Launchpad # Liquidity Token Locked. Tokenomics: # 90% of the Total Supply Will go for a pre-sale round. # 9.5% of the Total Supply will go for private sale round [Marketing/PR] # 0.5% of the Total Supply has been used to lock the token. More details will come in the future as things progress with Luto Cash.
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