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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

03 August, 2021


Our goal is to create a platform which will give back the power to creators so that they can freely interact with their fan bases. We will achieve this by decentralizing online content and being the first online platform run and governed on the smart chain. This will create a secure, low fee and fast transaction platform where online content creators can carry on delivering amazing work without worrying about platform guidelines, fee costs, delayed payments and infamously displeasing algorithms created only to benefit the platform owners. Due the decentralized nature of the platform, we also create room for different kind of interactions between creators and their fan bases. Thus we are able to sell or rent content, create exclusive passes for live streams or chat rooms, incorporate donations in live and recorded content, allow for sales of merchandise through our system, and most importantly sell NFT’s. These attributes will make this platform a one stop shop between our creators and communities.
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