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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

27 July, 2021


Hold KishuCake and you’ll automatically receive cake in your wallet every 60 minutes! Here are a few reasons why KishuCake can be the next 100x Latest Auto-Dividend Feature that allows you to Auto-Claim Your Rewards. Reflections are rewarded so often in pancakeswap native token. Transparent and Honest Devs. Fair Launched with no advantages over anybody else. We have a kracken and Built-in buy back mechanism We have exciting marketing plans lined up with social media influencers. You get cake rewards: 12% Added to Liquidity: 3% Max wallet Size: 2% to prevent massive whale accumulation Max Transaction : 0.5% (to prevent too many people from dumping once) Slippage: 18% tax Total supply: 1000000
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