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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

26 July, 2021


🌟Welcome to 🍼BabyCakeInu🍼!!! This is our precious gem💎! Be one of the first holders of BabyCakeInu! You missed out on BabyCake? Then you better don't miss out on this cakey chance! 🌟Our Coin has following Tokenomics: 15% taxes in - 3% liquidity -7% CAKE 🥞rewards to holders -5% Marketing 🌟GET READY to hold your BabyCakeInu for your ✨AUTOMATIC CAKE rewards✨!!! The System Auto-Claims the Rewards every 60! minutes FOR YOU! The minimum BabyCakeInu you need to hold, for you to be able to get Cakes is only 200,000!!! Try to get your Coins early for more 🥞
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