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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

23 July, 2021


🎂 CakeBoss 🧁 ✔️Earn Cake while holding CakeBoss! 🍰The earlier you get in the bigger the slice of cake you get! CakeBoss offers a great tokenomic fee schedule as follows: 💰10% Cake Rewards 💴4% Liquidity 💷2% Marketing 🏦2% max wallet! This prevents massive whales buying in and dumping on everyone. Watch your cake roll in as everyone buys and sells! A trading sideways graph never looked so good! 🤤🤤Who doesn’t love cake? Everyone loves cake! Buy in and become a boss as you roll in that dough getting sent to you. Hold onto that cake and let it rise or sell it off for a quick profit. Whether you love sprinkles on your cake or you love angel food cake, we have something for everyone here at CakeBoss. Inspired by many coins, Cakeboss aims to be the standard when it comes to meme coins. Join us as we aim to join Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson getting to outerspace. Except instead of a 11 minute ride we are going all the way to the moon! This time with a huge, tasty slice of cake!🤤🤤
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