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10 January, 2024


BAWLS ONU is a culture coin launched on the AVAX C-Chain. The team that developed this coin is also responsible for the Avalanche DEX, Vaporfi. To ensure security and transparency, the project was executed with a fair launch, contract was renounced, liquidity pool burned and the team was Doxxed. BAWLS has established its presence in the AVAX ecosystem with its NFT collection launch, game integrations, merchandise partnerships, and alignment with many culture coin communities on AVAX which are aiming to drive value. Holders of BAWLS are referred to as BAWLERS and rewarded with voting rights, partnership airdrop opportunities and various staking opportunities. BAWLS is aligned with the social impact objectives of raising awareness for men’s health, specifically testicular cancer, and supporting hero in society that show their BAWLS to get the job done. BAWLS produces the best memes and has unique name brand recognition. 

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2 months before ago

Definitly need to let my sack of $BAWLS grow Much more incoming NFTs launch on 2/1/24 on Grab them 🚀🔥

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