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Market Cap


Launch Date

27 September, 2023



Not only will MMTR dominate the meme trading space of the future, becoming a staple amongst top tier meme coins, it will have genuine utility, providing access and perks in new products such as the Memescanner and the Memeinator Game.

Peel back the skin and the Memeinator is powered by cutting-edge tech, fuelled by AI insights and is blasting its way through its awesome roadmap like a hot rod, nitro-fuelled, gas guzzling beast.

There is now only one objective: grow the value of MMTR by eliminating threatening memes.

Join the Resistance. The Memeinator needs you to enact Judgment.

✔️Tokenomics :

đź”´Presale : 62.50%

đź”´Marketing & CEX listings : 15.00%

đź”´Development : 10.00%

đź”´Exchange Liquidity Provision : 5.00%

đź”´Competition Pool : 7.50%

Joining🚀🚀 The moon Journey :

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