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Ethereum Smart Chain



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Launch Date

16 July, 2021


$RELOADED is the revolutionary new token on the ERC20 network that aims to let holders take the fight to the bots and toxic traders, much like Neo in the Matrix. Holders receive redistribution in the network’s native currency: Ethereum. The FTP Antibot system that destroys bot trading and only allows manual trading. The tokenomics of $RELOADED are built around this core principle: rewarding holders and fighting bots and toxic traders. Every transaction, the following occurs: 4% passive income for holders (in Ethereum) Holder Reward System (HRS) 4% development/marketing wallet Holder reward system (HRS). Holders of $RELOADED will be able to sell their tokens at any time. When buying and selling within a week, sellers will however incur an extra (‘swinger’) tax: 24 hours after buying: 10% tax 7 days after buying: 5% tax 1 month after buying: 2,5% tax Passive income for holders in Ethereum. See Introduction. Holders will be able to connect their wallet to the portal on and claim their Ethereum rewards. Holders will be able to see their Ethereum rewards go up in real time.
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