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Binance Smart Chain



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17 July, 2021


Did you miss out on DaddyDoge,Uncle Doge, and all these other Doges? Well don't MISS THIS! FutureDoge was built for one mission and that is to reward its holders BUSD + FutureDoge. So think if it as DaddyDoge but BETTER! ELON BASED, everytime he talks of doge he talks of it bring the future. With our tokenomics we will be the $FutureDoge , The more you HODL the more BUSD+FutureDoge you get. 8% of each transaction, buying and selling will build up BUSD+FutureDoge and send to your wallet automatically 2 time's per hour TESLA GIVEAWAY AT 50M Market Cap Their is a 2% Buyback Fee on all transactions so we can manually buy up the dips to further increase the price floor forever Our Anti-Whale Tax makes it very difficult for big orders to dump on the market NO MARKETING OR DEV WALLET, So we do not have to sell our token against our holders for marketing or giveaways! Token Supply: 420,000,000,000,000 50% Burned 50% Added to DxSale
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