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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

09 May, 2021


TequilaParty is producing real Tequila in Mexico, and working with artists to create original pieces that will accompany these Tequila bottles via NFT. The creation and subsequent transfers of the NFTs support the artist and non profits that they designate. Revenues from the Tequila sales will flow back into the token in the form of a structured dividend and buybacks.
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Crypto Lexx

2 years before ago

I'm thinking about Tequilaparty. Always on my mind :)


Michael Bell

2 years before ago

They just announced a partnership too! Tequila is always making progress!



2 years before ago

A real alcohol producing business sharing profit among token holders? This is HUGE! I also love the idea that every bottle comes with an NFT artwork.

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