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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

17 July, 2021


ABULL is the son of the legendary Chicago Bulls. He likes sports and playing basketball. ABULL is preparing to release some limited edition NFTS photos of the Chicago Bulls and is preparing to meet his father on the moon! The ABULL market is hot now, and we see that the market value of tokens can easily reach one million, so don't miss this guaranteed moon landing plan. ABULL's goal is to become the next generation of memetic tokens with "highest buyback" token economics. The 3% buyback percentage ensures that we can thrive even in the worst market conditions. Coupled with a 2% marketing tax, it will ensure the continued development of marketing activities and rapidly increase brand awareness. Through these token economics, our goal is to create the next generation of meme tokens that can thrive even under the worst market conditions. 🟡 Token Economics: 4% BNB allocation 3% repurchase ⚡️ 3% transaction 2% marketing
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