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Market Cap


Launch Date

16 May, 2023


POTHEADS is a vibrant community powered by the $WEED token, where cannabis enthusiasts celebrate the uplifting qualities of cannabis. They prioritize coexistence, productivity, and making positive impacts. In the future, the $WEED token will serve as a seamless payment method in cannabis stores and online platforms. As a token holder, you gain exclusive access to a range of POTHEADS merchandise, such as custom grinders, rolling trays, cozy apparel, and reggae-inspired gear. These items will be available in the future, allowing you to showcase your pride and belonging in the community. Additionally, the token's utility will continue to expand, enabling more convenient and enjoyable cannabis experiences for the POTHEADS community over time. Join the magical journey of POTHEADS and embrace the relaxed way of life, spreading love and unity with a touch of creativity.

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