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15 July, 2021


Corgimoon Finance will presale on DxSale 15th July 2021 at 13.00 UTC. Corgimoon (CGM) is a deflationary utility meme coin gem on Binance Smart Chain. Corgimoon's tokenomics rewards long-term holders and the community. In long term, CGM tokens will be utilized in the NFT marketplace and yield farming. CGM will use its governance token to power its Corgi NFT games such as Corgi Pets, where users can buy and breed their corgis, use CGM to buy gears and upgrades for their pets. Corgi can be sold on the marketplace or be used to battle with other corgis to earn CGM. It is basically "play to earn"! What makes Corgimoon unique is that users can deposit the Corgi pets into a hibernation vault for the pet to recover after a battle and earn CGM as a reward as well! This is added from the normal yield farming that investors can stake their CGM LPs and earn rewards. CGM token itself is a deflationary token meaning that the devs will heavily buyback and burn the tokens. Even before launch, the devs had already burned 43% of the total supply. With its use cases, CGMs will be exponentially valuable over time.
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