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13 July, 2021


KuDogeFather ($KuDoFa) is a brand new KuCoin Community Chain project! 🚨Pre-sale has JUST filled on DxSale (hard cap of 2500 KCS)🚨 ✅ PreSale was NON BOTTED - 15 minutes and Filled, all organic. Anyone could have joined with minimal gas fee ⬆️ Telegram is growing fast, presale was launched at 100 members, now after presale they’re at 280 and growing HIGHEST HARD CAP SO FAR FOR ANY KCC PROJECT Very clean group chat, great logo, and highly organized thus far. Devs are known within a community group they created and manage for researching DeFi projects, that has over 250 members Further Info 🚨 KuChain (KCC) 🚨 ✅ Explorer.kcc (BSCScan) ✅ Token Address: 0x2b98d6d4e38ee73a73e16c566c790ae51045a15e ✅ Chart ☕️ Launch on KoffeeSwap 🚀 Launch at 3pm UTC on July 13th ⏱ Launch is scheduled 48 hours after DxSale lock to build more hype and community participation 🤖 Anti-bot measures: 0.5% of total supply maximum transaction limit 🔒 Liquidity is LOCKED for 3 MONTHS 🚫 No DEV WALLETS!!! Tokenomics 9% Overall Tax 4% Liquidity Pool Return Tax 2% Burn Tax 3% Marketing Tax Slippage set for 9-14% Market Research 🗿More and more people are joining the KCC Chain and aping into projects everyday. ✈️ Projects are launching at a higher volume, and safe projects will be harder to come by. 🥇With being a part of such an early Chain like KuCoin that is seeing rapid user adoption, projects like KuDogeFather will nearly be guaranteed to see enormous use and high volume. The price of KuCoin in the past 5 days went from 7 usd to 13.5. Growth is imminent KuDogeFather could become a total moonshot! Minimal risk with liquidity locked on DxSale, and insane profit potential!
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