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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

06 March, 2023


APY 2,340.00% Rewards sent every 15 minutes directly to your Wallet in a stable coin (USDT). Our staking is designed to add up value to our token and to have it assigned an abysmal and extremely interesting utility for our investors plus the unique benefit of rewarding them in stablecoin (USDT) just by investing in our first launch phase. Our staking has a perpetual payment system that will last as long as the Blockchain exists and will pay the 6.5% of interest every 24 hours. These payments will be steadily made every 15 minutes directly to the wallet of every user, paying them rewards throughout the whole day of 0.27083333% of the sum of their capital accumulated in the staking in $LBR Adding up a total of 6.5% in interest every 24 hours and a total of 195% every month. BTC and ETH mining in the Cloud, Rewards in USDT. Wallet and Decentralized Exchange, Physical prepaid card for use of funds anywhere in the world and more.

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