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09 September, 2017


BTCZ is completely Community Driven so it has no Owners or Ceo. BitcoinZ ( implements the Proof of Work approach (it is minable like Bitcoin) and it is ideologically based with a noble cause, targeting to offer worldwide free transactions with virtually zero cost for all. However BitcoinZ has its own genesis block, it is NOT a Bitcoin fork and is not an airdropped coin to Bitcoin (or any other coin) owners. It had a transparent and fair launch with : NO premining (no coins allocated to any adress before the source code release) NO instamining ( not initially minable only by a closed group with superior rewards) NO ICO sales (no special priced presold coins for making money) NO Developers Fee (developers have worked voluntarily and every decision is taken by all the Community members) BitcoinZ is technically utilizing the ZCash core, offering privacy features (something that Bitcoin does not do) with the Zk-snarks cryptography and is achieving considerably faster transactions speed. In addition, the coin has been designed with a bigger maximum supply of 21 Billion coins targeting to make the prices easier without long decimal numbers. The reduction of its block rewards for BitcoinZ has a similar plan with that of Bitcoin (every 4 years), keeping a fair character in rewarding both the current and future miners of the coin, in contrast with the speculative plans which are used by many new cryptocurrencies, targeting to give huge Rewards only to their initial miners by halving the rewards with a very fast pace. Furthermore, BitcoinZ is utilizing algos offering the maximum possible ASIC Resistance. It pioneered in that , with the “ZHASH” mining algo. It was an Equihash variation which resisted the ASIC Miners wave and it was widely used afterwards by many projects. This way, BitcoinZ always protects the mining Community and it maximizes the Decentralization by making the coin minable even by a typical PC with a low-end GPU.
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