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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

16 July, 2021


Project Alara is a Decentralised, collaborative project aiming to create a product incubator on the BSC space. 1.We are the first project in this space to have a governance system through the implementation of a Board of Advisors that includes investors and industry experts. 2.Our initial supply is only 100 million tokens, insuring the token to have strong gains as its deflationary in nature 3. 25% of the total supply will be burned before launching and 5% is saved for manual burns after launch 4.We have a Lottery system to entice our holders to hold for a long period of time as they get an entry every week for the jackpot draw. 5.We are working on multiple products/utility which we will announce on the launch. We encourage our community to share with us the ideas they have to build new products. ⚜️ ALARA ⚜️ ✅ Weekly AMA ✅ 100% Transparent and available team ✅ No Developer Wallet ✅ Liquidity will be Locked??? Yes!! On launch ✅ Whitepaper V1 and V2 have been released ❤️SAFUUU AND CLEAN CONTRACT❤️
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