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Launch Date

23 November, 2022


🐦 Chirp Network - Decentralized Social Media 🐦

Democratizing Social Media, one Chirp at a time.
Chirp is a future 360-degree social network merged with blockchain technology.

Discover the powerful tools that will set you free
Web3 in social networking can be considered a gateway to the decentralized future. It removes the power tech giants of web 2.0 have on our content and data and gives the control back to the rightful owners, that is, users. With web3, users are no longer a product. But they possess the right to own, control and monitor their data and help contribute to the social media platform.

✅ User-Focused
✅ Fair Compensation for Creators
✅ Control Over Content
✅ True Content Ownership
✅ NFT integration

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