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23 November, 2022


🚀 Kashima Inu $SHIMA🔥100X Meme token that only rewards investors for Holding and Staking, NFT ✅8% of Buys and Sells✅ Holders receive a 2% reflections buys and sells✅ Buy Backs and Burns ✅ KYC + SAFU + Audit+Doxxed ✅ Called by Caesar, Venom,Travladd and many others ✅ Anti-bot, dump and sniper token design. ✅Renounce ownership. ✅🚀 CMC & CGK Fasttrack 🚀No Private Sells! No Dev Tokens✅Manual burns and safety! You missed Shiba, Saitama, Floki⚡️It's okay! Kashima Inu will give you another chance 🤩🤩

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