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Launch Date

20 November, 2022


☁️ CloudChain (CCHAIN) ☁️
Blockchain-Based Cloud Platform

CloudChain is a Blockchain-Based Cloud Platform. Inspired by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudchain is a cloud ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. πŸ”—

πŸ’» Enjoy Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Private Networks, Computing, Lambda, and various cloud server payment gateways using CCHAIN.

❓ Why CCHAIN ❓

1️⃣ Fast
Never again wait for a block confirmation. The time it takes to complete a transaction and achieve immediate on-chain finality is very short. πŸ’¨
2️⃣ Experienced Core Team
Veteran in AWS, our core team has vast experience and knowledge in up-to-date cloud servicing. πŸ”΅
3️⃣ Safe & Renounced Contract
Verified code at launch and audited soon after. πŸ“‹
4️⃣ Secure
You can rely on CCHAIN Network to uphold strict security requirements in order to provide you with the utmost trusted network. πŸ”
5️⃣ Digital Shared
Digital share registers, paired with blockchain technology are used to improve our smart contract. 🌏
6️⃣ EVM Compatible
In future development, CloudChain's technology may also support other EVM-powered blockchains. πŸ’ͺ

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