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Binance Smart Chain



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26 October, 2022


Chicken or Egg, which came first? It is a funny meme token build on ‘Binance Smart Chain’.

CRE is a hyper deflationary meme token, with only ‘One Quadrillion’ initial supply, out of which 99% will be burned and only 1% will end in circulation.

It is the first of its kind crypto, which was created out of world’s most asked question. No matter which ever side you choose you still win. CRE is a fully decentralised crypto which works in the best interest of its community. 

CRE is dedicating 1% fee for ethical treatment of animals. There is a dedicated wallet designed for such purpose. The money is automatically transferred to the wallet with each transaction.

CRE need to your help to grow and cluck. Please join this community to help and watch the growth of CRE.

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