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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

19 November, 2022


Welcome to DOGECUP!

An NFT DAO project, where everyone can participate in the direction the project will take!

DogeCup was fully developed in 3D!

NFTs Marketplace - 10% fee, where 5% of the deal goes directly to the liquidy pool and 5% goes to Burn.

NFT Farm System: Your farm will start counting after the opening of your BOX and your earnings will be available to claim after 24 hours.

Bet System: players will be able to bet on the outcome of the matches and on which team they think will win.

Staking System: Income (monthly values)

1 month lock: 30% per month;

3 months lock: 45% per month;

6 months lock: 60% per month.

PVP system in development!

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