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Market Cap


Launch Date

17 November, 2022


⚽️ QatarBaller ⚽️
~ The New Way to Bet in Sports ~
Bet on your favorite teams using our $QBALL cryptocurrency and enjoy spicing up this World Cup. No credit card required.

❔ How does it work ❓
It's easier than you think, just follow these 3 simple easy steps
1️⃣ Buy $QBALL on Uniswap
2️⃣ Pick an upcoming match
3️⃣ Bet on your favorite team

✨ The use of $QBALL, our Governance Token
The drawn attention to $QBALL and it's change in market price will provide a valuable opportunity to profit from either betting strategically or by trading it on the short/long term.

🗳 Total Supply : 500,000,000
🧳 Initial LP : 1 ETH
💲 Tax : 6% on every trade (initially, to be lowered over time)

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