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21 November, 2022


Our thught is, that its very important to have an everyday - real life - use case for a crypto meme project.

For example: (almost) everybody likes dog’s. That’s one main reason why so many dog(e) and Shiba and other dog related projects became so famous. But what is their unique sales point (USP) or what is their everyday -  real life - use case?

Let’s be honest. They don’t have one and there are hundreds of similar project’s -  in the end it’s all the same crap!

We love dog’s, but it’s time for a new era - the APEVIRUS era and this crypto project will go viral (literally)!

MonkeyPoxVirusCoin makes direct reference to a new upcoming pandemic and all eyes will get on it. We bring the real life pandemic into the crypto and metaverse.

WHO already declared rapidly spreading monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency.

To name some benefits: worldwide medial focus on monkeypox, usecase for MonkeyPoxVirusCoin and NFTs in the metaverse, supply reduction through a coin burning.

Let's get viral now 🐒🚀
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