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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

30 November, 2022


Welcome to Farmarok.

The first project, giving away ~ 90% of total supply to its community. 

We created a truly community driven project where you able to gain profit even if you didn’t invest by yourself, by simply using our referral protocol. 

The more people you get as investors, the more profit you make for yourself. 

Our unique lottery concept is guarantee win for a lucky one. 

Raise your winning changes by multiple tickets. 

Even if you aren't the lucky one, you are already a winner! Your lottery ticket gives you automatically 10% of your participation on top as a staking reward!!!

Farmarok concept was designed for unlimited profits by being an investor or just an active member referring Farmarok to your audience or friends. 

Farmarok is your one way ticket to financial freedom, but we need you to do it together and push it beyond the boundaries of the crypto space.  

Lottery security is powered by Chainlink.

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