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24 May, 2021


Blastoff Finance is the most complete RFI static reflection token on the market and the first of its kind to distribute rewards to NFT owners. Every transaction made with the BLAST token a 10% tax occurs split into the following fees: - 5% is locked as liquidity on Pancakeswap and the LP tokens are burned by the contract - 2% is burned - 2% is used for automated hold rewards - 1% is claimable for NFT owners The Blastoff Finance DApp launched with 2 liquidity farms to distribute our tokens. There are also NFT farms to claim the reward-generating NFT's. The NFT farms start when our liquidity pool reaches a threshold. Blastoff FInance will keep adding new features to our DApp new in the world of DeFi. While creating new products for our DApp we focus on ease of use, user security, and reducing fees while driving up APY's with innovative solutions.
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