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Binance Smart Chain



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04 June, 2021


SEEDER Finance offers unique strategies that other yield optimizers simply do not have. This includes liquidity pool pairs that you can find only on the SEEDER platform. SEEDER offers products that truly bridge between real world and digital world financial instruments together Leading with 3 mini gamification and main game (details coming soon) A Ce-De-Fi bridge with 2-track strategy: 1. LEAF4FUN - the Fun part of the platform where Seeders (users of the platform) can be like Mike (our Bull mascot) and start seeding, planting and farming for yields. Seeders can also become Farm Owners and share platform revenue by collecting enough Locked LEAF and turning the them into TREE. SEEDER, similar to Roblox, provides the utility such as planting pools, reward tokens, NFT Rewards, oracle services, etc.. for game developers to easily host their games on the platform and earn fees. The more games on the platform, the more Farm Owners can earn revenue. 2. LEAF4FUND - the Fund part is where SEEDER platform will connect with reputable crypto VC firms and represent the their investment as a set of Fund Tokens within the platform, Seeders who seeds their LEAF with the Fund Tokens is the same as seeding their investment into the Funds creating a real world return of their investment.
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2 years before ago

Hi all, We believe in long term and sustainability growth , we are now having 3 mini game for you to play with and main game will soon announce



2 years before ago

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