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Binance Smart Chain



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02 November, 2022


Xedicate is a server-side transfer network with artificial intelligence and machine learning support that converts the code structures prepared on the Web 2.0 server-side to Web 3.0 structure.Blockchain technology, one of today's avalanche-growing technologies, offers new generation applications and DApp designs by taking the power of the community day by day. Being a part of this growing snowball and taking part in projects aiming to provide technological benefit means collaborating to shed light on a new technology era.🔓 Safe-LP (LOCK 3 Months)✅ Renounced Ownership✅ 100% Token Fair Launched on PancakeswapXedicate Token, which we created to prove that it aims to benefit and that we want to address the power of the community, has the BEP20 Token created using Binance Smart Chain and 100% of the Xedicate Token was launched on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange with the BNB Token parity. The liquidity amount (Cake-LP) was locked for 3 months and the contract was waived. It has proven to benefit the community by ensuring it is 100% reliable. You can buy Xedicate Tokens from all decentralized exchanges that support the BSC network with the token and smart contract information below.

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