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24 October, 2022


$DORD is AI Driven, inspired by the famous Chappie, & built to define the true meaning of DeFi. $DORD is here to show the TRUE meaning of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). $DORD will be launched as a BEP20, and ERC20 Token, and will slowly expand into it's own Vibrant Eco-System. $DORD has been conceptualized and crafted by developers with a vast experience in the cryptocurrency industry, providing FULL transparency for all investors. Backed by a strong development team and community, the $DORD token thrives through the power of its investors. Powered by its auto burn mechanism, $DORD has as its main aim to ensure constant deflationary pressure on the price of the token at all times.

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1 year before ago

DORD is the future for DEFI,, They have a great project.. Will make a lot of people rich.. get in before is to late

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