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01 November, 2022


🐯 PetPlanet - NFT Based Gaming Ecosystem 🐯

PetPlanet is a compendium of P2E NFT games where you can raise and breed your magical pets. In our ecosystem, each player starts with a unique Cat NFT which possesses a unique stored-on-blockchain trait; Endurance. That's correct, your pet can die if you don't take good care of it!

Approximately every 48 hours, 10% of the prize pool will be paid out to all the pets that are alive. That means the more pets you have, the more you will earn! 🚀

🎰 These NFTs will be used in-game in a later stage, along with different magical NFT Pets as more games and skills become available. You will have your hands full raising different species with unique behaviors and traits.

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