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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

21 July, 2022


What are our goals and what drives us to achieve them?
The Wrestling Shiba team looks towards creating the next blockbuster fighting game with esports
competition in mind. Our aspirations towards building an AAA-level game are what first sets us apart
from others in the NFT gaming industry.
Such an undertaking used to be impossible for independent studios, but today with the fundraising
capabilities of the crypto and NFTs this is a realistic and achievable goal.

Paying homage to the old-school fighting games we all grew up with, Wrestling Shiba looks to take
that inspiration and apply it to the industry-defining innovation possible with blockchain technology.
Wrestling Shiba is focused on building a free-to-play competitive fighting game with PVP & eSports at
the forefront of development and design decisions. Fight Legends is fight gaming, simply improved
through blockchain technology as opposed to being the center of attention at the behest of
gameplay that’s dynamic and fun.

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