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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

12 November, 2022


Mooncat is a meme token build on Binance Smart Chain with a variety of additional separated platforms. We believe in diversity, utility and simplicity. MoonCat is designed to cover many DEX exchanges, which will be promoting diversity and greater options for investitors. Plan is to list MoonCat on at least top 10 major DEX providers with buyback, fill liquidity and lock it in a dead address, which provides unrugable liquidity and healthy growth of the token. MoonCat has already develop first three beta platforms which offer a social network for crypto enthusiasts as a MoonBook, Monitoring tools as MoonTools and MoonPad as app for voting and listing of new crypto projects MoonBook gives us a huge opportunity to connect with different crypto friends, exchange of opinions, for marketing purpose or just for a crating simple crypto group with live video and call options. We also have two other platforms available as a tool for monitoring of the crypto market (MoonTools) and a site for list and voting of new tokens (MoonPad). Looking forward over time, we will expand our services to DEX exchange, MoonWallet, venture capital service and, of course, donations for animal charities.
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