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Binance Smart Chain



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24 October, 2022


Froggies is created for the community, where we together as one build on a stable and vibrant token, Froggies Token.
We reward our holders, and burn Shiba Inu, while building towards more utility and usability for everybody.

Play to earn, buy to burn, hold to get rewarded, and utility that will make Froggies Token an interesting option for the mass.

A roadmap that includes unique utility which will bring Froggies Token and its Community to a higher level.

Our story;
In a Galaxy Far Far away a lone Frog is travelling in the search for Eternal life as a Multiplanetary species.
Many might question its journey, but this Frog is dedicated to find and establish new Intergalactic Communities.
On its way he has met multiple interesting creatures, never seen before by anyone. Most with no persistence in life and ability to support his plans…

One however, a rather weird figure, Shib, intrigued him and his only wish was to be burned and left in space forever. So, Frog decided to help him…
On the last leap of the journey, Frog found an entirely new planet, with many different creatures living there. Disillusioned, bewildered and many sick, they searched for guidance and healing.

The skin of the Frog has supernatural powers that could cure diseases, regrow lost limbs and create a higher sense of purpose. Frog felt the pain of the creatures and decided to help them, and so he did, he shared his skin to benefit and heal them all.
Frog taught them about sharing and caring and about the unique bond between them as a unity. This unity has since grown to become the community we today know as “Froggies”.
The journey has just begun and Frog and his companions continue to search and built the Froggies community…

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1 year before ago

Have been with Froggies since over a year, and now they relaunched and migrated, which went extremly well. Very nice team, always active and there if in need. They are building some really cool utility, with P2E soon, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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