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Market Cap


Launch Date

30 October, 2022


🔰What is SHİBPAW?

It is a decentralized digital currency that offers near-instant settlement (<1 sec) and energy-efficient transactions.

The total available SHİBPAW amount is fixed and by 2024 most of it will have been distributed making it a non-to-low inflationary currency.

Official token for ShibPaw, Acts as Governance includes great utilities in our apps. Besides purchasing power, $SHIBPAW token is required to level up on SHIBGAMING and lease NFTs on PAWNFT.

Earn $SHIBPAW by participating in PAWGAMİNG, trading on PAWNFT, and staking on PAWSTAKİNG.



PawGaming will be the ultimate crypto gaming guild for the community and blockchain gamers alike. Borrow in-game assets from the guild for free and keep most of the earnings.


PawStaking Staking rewards can be received for locking in SHİBPAW for 180 or 90 days. Every 24 hours 49% allocated for stakers is given out as a reward in propotion to their stake.


The PAWBONE has 200,000,000 coins and is designed to perfectly match the SHIBPAW token in terms of circulating supply. It will be earned every 20, 22 and 24 hours by mining on PAWGAMING.

🔇SHİBPAW Tokenomics


Total $SHİBPAW Supply


Burned on Launch


Locked Liquidity

5% Tax

No Additional Tax

Per Transaction

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