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Launch Date

28 January, 2023


🐶 Boo boo puppy BabyBitcoin is growing with you while you are holding puppy coins, taking care of our beloved friends and sleeping on a skyrocket 🚀 decision in your dreams 💭.

Climb the ladder of success with us to make a positive change and difference in the world 🌍

BabyBitcoin is an addiction 😈 that yields you tons of perks:

• Every Saturday you claim your reward on the website (after presale);
• The charge is only 1% on buying and 10% fee on selling transactions with 6% redistribution to the boo boo puppy token holders;
• The best responsive and reliable support team ever;

We are growing with the speed of light ⚡️ and can go from the Earth to the Moon in just over a second!

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Presale is still on Earth with the price of $0,01. However, as soon as presale stages end we are going to take a rocket to the moon and achieve a moon price of $1 and then conquer other planets 🪐

Remember, the moon and other planets 🌙 are made of Bitcoin!

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