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Launch Date

21 October, 2022


A hero-themed token based on the ETH network. A virtualized football-themed NFT-based blockchain game with a play-to-earn model which will allow you to play football in the blockchain world with players from all around the world.

Why FIFAHero
1) NFT Marketplace
NFTs are at the core of FIFAHero. All the NFTs are different in appearance, traits, and energy.
2) Experienced Developer Team
A project put in place by seasoned crypto veterans.
3) Staking and Rewards
Diamond hands ought to be recognized. Stake your tokens and NFTs to earn compounded interest on your investment, earn passive income, and have a chance to enter the lottery to win a ticket to QATAR FIFA 2022.
4) Renounced
2 Smart contracts will be created (and renounced) by $FH. The governance token and the utility contract. Both meant to work in tune with the DAPPs.

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