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11 October, 2022


$ASYLUM is a new project launching on Ethereum, where the holders of the token (the Inmates) will decide on all the decisions for the project. The warden has seen the launch of many crypto projects that start well, where the investors & community members have strong ideas but are left frustrated when the project fades. ASYLUM is a project for the people, the holders, the investors... THE INMATES An opportuniy for all the investors that ever had great ideas and suggestions for a project that went unnoticed. An opportunity to be heard, to have YOUR say! Once launched, the Inmates will decide possible utility, the taxes, the marketing, the road map and more. Liquidity will be locked and after 48 hours, the Warden will implement the Inmates decisions for the contract and the community can vote to renounce or not. The warden will then assign the top 10 holders of $ASYLUM permissions to create votes on snapshot, allowing all Inmates proportional voting rights to the amount of $ASYLUM they hold to carry the project forward. The Warden has created social media accounts and will give admin access to designated holders as voted for by the Inmates to run. He will also stay present to change which wallets can create votes as the top 10 holders change. Decisions on how to spend funds from taxes (if there are any), when to hold community AMAs and twitter spaces, projects they want to partner with, possible NFT releases for the project, Youtube videos, advertising and more will all be the Inmates decions. The Warden believes this structure is missing in the crypto space and allows for the most success by tapping into the minds of many, leaning into the spirit of decentralization. Buy/Sell taxes will be 7% For the first 48 hours 3% Dev (for 48 hours) 3% marketing 1% Liquidity Pool The Inmates will then decide the taxes moving forward. This could be a 0 tax token, low tax or higher tax if the Inmates decide they want to use it for utility etc. What will happen when THE INMATES are left to run the ASYLUM!?

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