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16 November, 2022


Arezdag World is incredible revolutionary open-world MMORPG and the first GameFi 2.0 with amazing graphics, in which you can play and earn.

The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 5 and integrated into its own blockchain to interconnect the in-game segment.

The Arezdag World ecosystem is a unique solution in the world of Games and NFT with a large number of activities, a large open world, PVP and PVE content, buying/selling of houses and items, creation of guilds from communities, multilevel professions, a unique combat system and incredible graphics!

Our mission is to develop a new segment of GameFI 2.0 that combines the best and most unique features for users. We can see that the market of this industry is rapidly developing, but the quality for the user in the game component is still lagging behind, and our project with its unique graphics and features will give a new impetus in this segment.

🎮 Arezdag World ecosystem provides the following unique features:

⭐️Equipment upgrades - can be created or mined as NFT, as well as exchanged on the in-game market for $AGG tokens.

⭐️Skins and cosmetics - can be applied to weapons, equipment, player profiles, pets, etc., will be available on the in-game market for $AGG tokens and for participating in events.

⭐️Unique player avatars are the only way to look special in-game by choosing NFTs from a specific collection.

⭐️A Premium Pass is a set of options in the form of NFTs and additional items that include: Star Guild, Game Guild Pack, NFT Club.

⭐️Events and Activities: A natural way to earn NFT and rewards for capturing territories, castles and trade routes, battles with bosses and in dungeons, and high skill levels in the profession.

⭐️As well as many additions and innovations based on user requests.

📺 Official Game Trailer:

🔥 Stay with us and dive into a world of amazing adventures!

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